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Training Support

This section of the Every Student website will provide you with access to staff training modules for each of the Every Student Website initiatives developed collaboratively by Mary Brooksbank, Chalmers Road and Holroyd Schools. The training modules will be a series of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations that you can download and utilise as a framework for training sessions with all staff at your school. 


English Framework Training Modules


The three English Framework modules were developed as a training and development package for use in schools throughout Australia. Each module covers specific spects of The English Framework, as well as giving detailed information about how to effectively use and apply the English Framework to students you are working with. Module 3 is focused purely on using and applying the framework to two fictitious students as case studies and also provides time for your staff to practise applying the framework to students in their current class. Please note that to run Module 3, all staff will require are copy of the Module 3 Handout which is available for download below. Click on the Module you are interested in to download the Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation for your use with staff.


Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

   An introduction to using the English Framework

Working with the English Framework: Case Studies


Module 1 covers the following topics:

  • English Framework Overview
  • Layout of the English Framework
  • Purpose of the Document
  • Links to the curriculum
  • Understanding the English Framework  
    • Communication and English
    • Communication and Behaviour
    • Communication and Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Developmental Stages of Learning
  • The Teaching and Learning Cycle
  • SMART Goals


Module 2 covers the following topics:


  • The English Learning Continuum
  • Using the English Framework to plan, program and assess
  • Glossary


Module 3 covers the following topics: