Every Student

About Every Student

The Every Student Website was developed by experienced special educators from Holroyd, Mary Brooksbank and Chalmers Road schools as part of the Every Student, Every School National Partnerships program. The three schools have collaboratively worked to design, write and publish teaching and learning support documents in the areas of Literacy, Numeracy and Technology. Each initiative aimed to produce documents that will assist teachers to  effectively plan, program, teach and assess these Key Learning Areas for students who have moderate to severe intellectual, and multiple disabilities who are working toward outcomes in the New South Wales syllabuses. The documents provide the scaffolding that students with special needs require to fully access and participate in the curriculum and include frameworks for learning, a range of teaching and learning experiences, suggested resources and assessment supports that can be used in the teaching and learning cycle. Each project is now available free of charge on this website which has been designed for online use by teachers with numerous downloadable PDF resource files.


The English Framework

Quality resources to effectively support students with a communication delay or disability to achieve curriculum outcomes are essential to a life of maximum independence beyond the school years. Although special educators are experts at making adjustments for students with disability to access the curriculum, this wealth of knowledge is not always accessible to others. In an effort to pool this expertise and make it accessible to all, The Holroyd, Mary Brooksbank and Chalmers Road Schools’ Interactive English Document was developed over a three-year period and is now freely available via the Internet.


The Interactive English Document provides special educators with a readily accessible tool to assist in the planning, programming and assessing of English for students with disability. The document is based upon a comprehensive framework that has been developed by special educators to enable students with disability to access the New K-10 English and HSC Life Skills Syllabuses. It contains a wealth of information related to educating students with disability including English learning activities, teaching strategies, teaching resources, programming support and assessment resources.


The interactive document incorporates technology supports for English with the inclusion of assistive technology, web links, suggested touch screen applications and ideas for the use of interactive whiteboards in the classroom. The Interactive English Document has been designed for online use by teachers and contains numerous downloadable PDF files.