Setting up the X-Box Kinect

The Xbox is relatively easy to setup. When setting up the Xbox console and Kinect sensor the first thing you need to take into account is that the sensor will need to be placed either above or below an IWB. (Unless you are fixing the sensor in a permanent position, it will generally be easier to place the sensor below the board). Note: If there is a large distance between the sensor and the Xbox Console, which also needs to be connected to the Audio/Video outputs on the IWB, you may need to purchase a USB extension cable for the Kinect Sensor. These can be purchased for approximately $10 (eBay is a good place to start).


NOTE: The console is designed to either lie horizontally or stand vertically. It is recommended in a school setting that where possible you lay the console horizontally. This way is much more stable and as people can be rather boisterous when playing it. This ensures that there is a reduced risk of the console being knocked over. If a console in a standing position happens to fall over during gameplay the game disk may be damaged.    


Step 1: Positioning the Kinect Sensor.


Place the sensor below the IWB. Use a table or other piece of furniture to place the sensor at the required height.


Tips to get the best body tracking and speech recognition from the Kinect:



Step 2: Connecting the sensor to the console.

Plug the sensor into the AUX port on the back of the console. The port is colour-coded orange.




Step 3: Plugging in the power supply.


Plug the power supply into the power socket in the rear of the console.




Step 4: Connecting the component Video/Audio cable to the console. 


Plug the component Video/Audio cable into the large socket in the rear of the console.  





Step 5: Connecting the console to the IWB

To connect the console to the IWB you need to locate the IWB’s output panel. It should look similar to the one on the right. It will generally be located near the computer which is connected to the IWB. Plug the component Video/Audio cable in the colour-coded Video In and Speaker Audio points.

When you are ready to play the Kinect simply use the projector’s remote to switch the input settings from ‘Computer’ to ‘Video’.



Step 6: Setting up your playing area

When setting up your playing area you need to keep in mind that the Kinect needs to see your entire body. Things to consider when setting up the playing area:




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Positioning the X-Box Kinect

Setting Up the Play Area