While brain research and the study of human cognition are continually making new discoveries about how we learn, we do know that the more senses we employ when recording a memory the more intricately woven that new knowledge will be in our minds. Additionally, body movement has been shown to improve not only physical health but also primes our brains to be able to learn.


There are many skills that a student has the potential to develop when playing a game using the PlayStation Move. To illustrate how the PlayStation Move can be used within a learning environment, a teaching support document has been created to support the use of technology throughout all Key Learning Areas (KLA’s) across the NSW curriculum.


Like any learning setting or teaching context a teacher should not assume that a student always comes with the skills to be able to effectively use this system. Teachers are required to use their creativity to unlock the learning potential for their student.


Students will need to be provided with adequate time to familiarise themselves with the technology and the concepts of each of the games. They will also need a number of opportunities to practise the skills associated with each interactive learning environment.


This document has been created to support students with additional needs who require an interactive environment to stimulate their learning.


There are a number of fundamental skills in the following Key Learning Areas that have the potential to be addressed through learning opportunities based on the PlayStation Move. These include:



Lessons are organised by learning content that support students in a way that is meaningful both within the game and in the curriculum context.


SMART Notebook support materials: This document has been made in alignment with a range of SMART Notebook activities that can be used to further support student’s interactive learning.