Proloquo2Go - iPad2


Classroom iPad kit (8 iPads, iPad/VGA Connector, VGA extension lead)
Proloquo2go folders and images/PCS created to match activity (Generic PCS associated with this lesson have been created - replace to suit your school setting


Syllabus Outcomes

Early Stage 1 Outcomes (2012)


TES1.3 - Recognises that there are different kinds of spoken texts and shows emerging awareness of school purposes and expectations for using spoken language.

TES1.4 - With teacher guidance, identifies some basic language features of familiar spoken texts.


Life Skills 7-10 Outcomes (2012)


LS.1 - Responds to auditory cues in a range of contexts.

LS.3 - Uses technology and aids to communicate with a range of audiences.

LS.12 - Communicates for a variety of purposes.

HSC Life Skills 11-12 Outcomes (2007)


1.5 Makes choices and expresses preferences, emotions and feelings.

1.8 Uses appropriate technology and a range of age – appropriate aids, to facilitate communication with others.


  • Attends to auditory or visual cues through body movement, facial expression, eye contact, vocalisation or speech.
  • Makes an appropriate response to an auditory or visual cue through facial expression, gesture, PCS or other communication devices.
  • Attempts to respond to auditory or visual cues and signals using Proloquo2go.


  • Makes an appropriate response to auditory cues and signals using Proloquo2go.




Proloquo2go is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solution for people who have difficulty speaking or for those who are completely non-verbal. Proloquo2go can be adapted to suit a wide range of learners with varying literacy levels. Speech is generated by tapping the buttons displaying symbols, or by using the on-screen keyboard with word prediction.


Intended Use


Proloquo2go can be incorporated as a communication device in any one of the whole group iPad lessons. It can be used to support verbal and non-verbal students respond to questions and make comments and/or requests during particular lessons. Each iPad in the kit has been setup with the relevant Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) associated with that lesson. If a generic PCS has been included you may choose to substitute this for a PSC specific to your class or setting. Some students may require explicit instruction with Proloquo2go prior to using it within these lessons. As a result you may choose to do initially do a sequence of lessons solely on using Prolquo2go to make requests and/or respond to questions during a familiar routine such as during lunch and morning circle. It could also be used in conjunction with a picture communication program such as PECS. 



Bloom and Trope

Ensuring students have access to Proloquo2Go at the conclusion of the lesson have them locate the ‘Bloom’ and ‘Trope’ folder within Proloquo2go. Ask the following questions:

  • What colours did you see?
  • Was the music loud or soft?
  • Did you like this activity?



Music Sparkle

Ensuring students have access to Proloquo2Go at the exploration phase of the lesson allow them the opportunity to choose an instrument. Prompt students to open the folder related to Music Sparkle. One at a time students choose an instrument they wish to play before moving to the Music Sparkle application. Students may require assistance in making the connection between the PCS chosen and the instruments it represents.



Cake Doodle

You may choose to use Proloquo2go at the beginning of the lesson (or the day prior to your cooking lesson) to allow students the opportunity to select a cake to cook (you can also use this if you wish to conduct a ‘virtual’ cooking lesson using the ‘Cake Doodle’ app).

Ensuring students have access to Proloquo2go at the conclusion of the lesson have them locate the ‘Cake Doodle’ folder within Proloquo2go. Ask each student to select one ingredient used in making the cake (Ready to go resources are available for the Chocolate and Carrot cakes). At this stage students will only be selecting those ingredients used to make the cake. In the future you may choose to incorporate a range of choices where students must select the correct ingredient.

Ask the following questions:

  • Do you like the cake?
  • The cake was..... (Students complete the sentence by selecting an appropriate response. The words yum and yuk have been setup in Proloquo2go but you can change these to suit your learners.)
  • What ingredients are in the cake?
  • What cake would you like to make next time?

There is also the opportunity for students to request another slice of cake using Proloquo2go.



Jackson Pollock

You may choose to display a screen shot of a picture created using the Jackson Pollock application at the beginning of the lesson. Allow students time to discuss the colours within the picture using the Proloquo2go ready-made folder ‘Jackson Pollock’. Students may respond by completing the sentence ‘I see....’ For example “I see a blue line”.    

Ensuring students have access to Proloquo2go at the conclusion of the lesson have them locate the ‘Jackson Pollock’ folder within Proloquo2go. One at a time, allow students to select which colours they saw in their artwork.

Questions you may like to ask:

  • What was your favourite colour?


Vola Friends 

At the conclusion of lesson use Vola Friends on the Teacher iPad to select an emotion/s (this allows you to focus on emotions pertinent to your students).  Students using Proloquo2go select the appropriate PCS which corresponds to the emotion being displayed on the board.

For those students who are developing a basic understanding of their emotions you may choose to use Proloquo2go for students to express the emotion they are feeling. E.g. “I feel happy.”

Note: This Proloquo2go folder could be integrated in to several parts of your classroom routine or during those activities which you know will illicit certain emotions with your students. 

If you wish to use school specific PCS symbols you will need to add these to the folder. 

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