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LS&W1 - Producing Text - Pre-Intentional

Syllabus Outcomes and Content
Syllabus Outcomes

Early Stage 1 Outcomes (2012)

ENe-3A A student produces most lower case and upper case letters and uses digital technologies to construct texts

ENe-4A A student demonstrates developing skills and strategies to read, view and comprehend short, predictable texts on familiar topics in different media and technologies

ENe-7B A student recognises some different purposes for writing and that own texts differ in various ways

Life Skills 7-10 Outcomes (2012)

ENLS-2A A student communicates for a variety of purposes, audiences and contexts

ENLS-5A A student recognises and uses visual texts media and multimedia for a variety of purposes, audiences and contexts

ENLS-8A A student writes short texts for everyday purposes

ENLS-11B A student composes, publishes and presents texts appropriate to purpose and audience in a range of contexts

HSC Life Skills 11-12 Outcomes (2007)

HSC LS5.1 Copies symbols, pictures, letters or words

HSC LS5.3 Writes and transfers specific information using standard formats

Syllabus Content

Early Stage 1 (ENe) Content Students:

-use simple functions of keyboard and mouse, including typing letters, scrolling, selecting icons and dropdown menus 3A

-experiment using digital technologies e.g. produce own name, commonly used words and simple sentences 3A

-construct texts using software including word processing programs 3A

-understand foundation movements that underpin NSW Foundation Style 3A

-use foundation movements as a basis for the introduction of formal letters when composing simple imaginative and other texts for enjoyment or to convey an idea or experience 3A

-develop basic skills of writing, including correct pencil grip, good posture, handwriting movements and accurate use of alternative writing tools, to form some lower case and upper case letters 3A

-write from left to right and leave spaces between words 3A

-produce some lower case and upper case letters using learned letter formations 3A

-recognise the letters of the alphabet and know there are lower and upper case letters 4A

-demonstrate an awareness of written forms of communication, including labels, symbols, emails, letters and photographs 7B



Life Skills (ENLS) Content Students:

-select and use appropriate means of communication, including technology, for a particular audience 2A

-recognise how technology is used for different purposes and audiences in film, websites and other multimedia texts 5A

-construct short texts using visual aids and/or appropriate technology 8A

-complete personal details in a range of formats for a variety of purposes 8A

-recognise the range of conventions used in written texts 8A

-write short texts using correct conventions 8A

-write own name 8A

-write signature in consistent form 8A

-construct short texts using visual aids and/or appropriate technology 8A

-write short texts 8A

-transfer information from one source to another 8A

-write about familiar topics for everyday purposes 8A

-use a range of technology to create meaning when composing texts 11B

-select and use a range of technology and strategies to create visual and multimedia texts for particular purposes, contexts and audiences 11B

-explore ways to present information using appropriate technology and strategies 11B

HSC Life Skills (LS) Content Students:

-copy letters or symbols to represent their own names on official documents and personal correspondence 5.1

-copy their own names and personal details in appropriate formats 5.1

-develop strategies to copy personal details from one format to another 5.1

-write their own names in signature format or equivalent by hand or using technology 5.3

-write, using technology, to request information 5.3


English Learning Continuum Content

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