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LS&W2 - Phonics - Pre-Intentional

Syllabus Outcomes and Content
Syllabus Outcomes

Early Stage 1 Outcomes (2012)

ENe-2A A student composes simple texts to convey an idea or message

ENe-4A A student demonstrates developing skills and strategies to read, view and comprehend short, predictable texts on familiar topics in different media and technologies


Life Skills 7-10 Outcomes (2012)

ENLS-6A A student reads and responds to a range of written texts in familiar contexts


HSC Life Skills 11-12 Outcomes (2007)


Syllabus Content

Early Stage 1 (ENe) Content 


-know that spoken sounds and words can be written down using letters of the alphabet and how to write some high-frequency sight words and known words 2A

-identify most of the sounds and name all letters in a given word 4A

-use phonological strategies when reading, including letter–sound relationships 4A

-use knowledge of letters and sounds to decode words, including those in initial, final and medial positions 4A

-manipulate letters to assist reading, eg delete an onset to make a new word, delete a rime to say an onset 4A

Life Skills (ENLS) Content 


-use phonological knowledge to read texts 6A


HSC Life Skills (LS) Content 



English Learning Continuum Content

Looks Touches letter blocks Fixes gaze


Students currently working at a pre-intentional level should work toward intentional content.


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