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LS&W2 - Phonics - Intentional

Teaching Strategies

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Teaching Opportunities

Morning circle
Literacy sessions
Technology sessions
Leisure time
Sensory play
Work tasks
Art activities


Teaching Resources

Personalised name puzzles
Electronic alphabet toys
Alphabet charts
Interactive apps, software and websites
Alphabet puzzles
Jolly Phonics cards
Ants in the Apple cards
Letter blocks
Play dough
Interactive touch screen devices


Levels Of Support

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Syllabus Outcomes and Content
Syllabus Outcomes

Early Stage 1 Outcomes (2012)

ENe-2A A student composes simple texts to convey an idea or message

ENe-4A A student demonstrates developing skills and strategies to read, view and comprehend short, predictable texts on familiar topics in different media and technologies


Life Skills 7-10 Outcomes (2012)

ENLS-6A A student reads and responds to a range of written texts in familiar contexts


HSC Life Skills 11-12 Outcomes (2007)


Syllabus Content

Early Stage 1 (ENe) Content 


-know that spoken sounds and words can be written down using letters of the alphabet and how to write some high-frequency sight words and known words 2A

-identify most of the sounds and name all letters in a given word 4A

-use phonological strategies when reading, including letter–sound relationships 4A

-use knowledge of letters and sounds to decode words, including those in initial, final and medial positions 4A

-manipulate letters to assist reading, eg delete an onset to make a new word, delete a rime to say an onset 4A

Life Skills (ENLS) Content 


-use phonological knowledge to read texts 6A


HSC Life Skills (LS) Content 



English Learning Continuum Content

Interacts with concrete representations of letters
Interacts with letters of own name


Interacts with concrete representations of letters

Encourage students to interact with a variety of resources that represent letters of the alphabet in a concrete form. As students interact with the letters, point to a letter the student has focused on, name it and say its sound. Resources that encourage interaction with concrete letter representations include:

  • Letter blocks to build towers – letter blocks may be upside down or sideways at this stage
  • Sensory or tactile letters for students to touch and or trace with their fingers or hands
  • Wooden alphabet inlay puzzles
  • Duplo ™ letter representations for students to fix to a baseboard
  • Commercial or homemade letter/sound cards for students to touch or play with
  • A variety of letter/sound games on the internet, IWB or iPad
  • Alphabet play dough cutters to make concrete representations of letters.
  • Interactive touch screen apps that allow students to interact with representations of letters


Interacts with letters of own name

Present a student with blocks or cards of the letters in their own name. Encourage the student to interact with them. Model sequencing the letters to spell the student’s name. As you place each block say the letter name. When the student’s name is complete say, “Look SN it says, SN”. Provide the least amount of support required to support the student to sequence the letters of their own name. Repeat this activity using a variety of different concrete letter representations.



Key Assessment Points



  • The level of prompting required for the student to complete a task should always be recorded.
  • Observation could occur throughout the school day in a variety of activities or during a structured assessment task. This could be captured on video or in photos.



Suggested Apps


Touch Follow Alphabet
Touch Write
My Very Own Name
Learn My Name
Write My Name By Injini
The Alphabet Train for Kids
iKids: Intro to Letters and Numbers
Interactive Alphabet
Baby Tap and Learn
Elmo Loves ABC for iPad