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LS&W2 - Phonemic Awareness - Pre-Intentional

Syllabus Outcomes and Content
Syllabus Outcomes

Early Stage 1 Outcomes (2012)

ENe-2A A student composes simple texts to convey an idea or message

ENe-4A A student demonstrates developing skills and strategies to read, view and comprehend short, predictable texts on familiar topics in different media and technologies

Life Skills 7-10 Outcomes (2012)

ENLS-6A A student reads and responds to a range of written texts in familiar contexts


HSC Life Skills 11-12 Outcomes (2007)


Syllabus Content

Early Stage 1 (ENe) Content 


-join in rhymes and chants 4A 

-understand that spoken words are made up of sounds 4A

-recognise rhymes, syllables and sounds (phonemes) in spoken words 4A

-consistently identify words that start with the same initial sound 4A

-segment words into onset and rime 4A

-identify the beginning and end sounds of words 4A

-orally blend two or three sounds to make a word 4A

-segment simple spoken words into separate sounds 4A

-identify the new word when asked to delete or add a phoneme (sound) to an existing spoken word 4A

-identify most of the sounds and name all letters in a given word 4A

-use knowledge of letters and sounds to decode words, including those in initial, final and medial positions 4A



Life Skills (ENLS) Content 




HSC Life Skills (LS) Content 




English Learning Continuum Content

Reacts to sounds


Students currently working at a pre-intentional level should work toward intentional content.


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