Kinect Adventures - Avatar Creation

Syllabus Outcomes

Early Stage 1 Outcomes

VAS1.2 Uses the forms to make artworks according to varying requirements.

VAES1.4 Communicates their ideas about pictures and other kinds of artworks.


Life Skills 7-10 Outcomes

LS.1 Experiences a variety of art making activities.

LS.5 Recognises that various interpretations of artworks are possible.


HSC Life Skills 11-12 Outcomes

VALS1 experiences a variety of artmaking activities using a range of materials, techniques and processes. 


  • Create/select digital self-portraits.

  • Appreciate a digital media creation.
  • Select preferred digital media forms when creating an avatar.


1. Create/select digital self-portraits: Introduce the concept of self-portraits using digital media. Using a camera or an iPad 2 take a portrait shot of a student (or have students take one of another student. If students are using an iPad 2 they are able to take a photo of themselves). If taking a photo is a difficult process for a particular student you may choose to use an existing portrait shot. Give students opportunity to discuss the outcomes of the images. Pay particular attention to features of a self-portrait, including eye, hair and skin colour, shapes and sizes of facial features and other distinguishing features.

Using Smart Notebook students can label common facial features on their portrait. Students can become familiar with the concept of creating a personal digital avatar by giving them the opportunity to complete an avatar using an online generator. Locate the Smart Notebook activity and follow the links to the online generator. When creating their avatar some students may prefer to make an avatar which isn’t an accurate representation of themselves. Don’t discourage their creative side and allow them the opportunity to finish. Once they have, redirect the student back to the task at hand.



1. Create/select digital self-portraits / Appreciate a digital media creation: Allow students the opportunity to create their own avatar prior to participating in an activity. Select a student to demonstrate how to create an avatar. Provide prompting and guidance where necessary. Throughout this process pause the creation to generate discussion of particular features the student would like to see in their avatar.



1. Create/select digital self-portraits / Appreciate a digital media creation: Once the avatar has been created allow students to discuss the differences between the digital self-portraits taken in the introduction and the avatar created. Language at this stage could include “Do they look the same?”


2. Select preferred digital media forms when creating an avatar: Students will select their preferred image (self-portrait, Mii Online Creator or Avatar) and discuss reasons for their choice. Simple language may be used to discuss their selection. For example; good, bad, pretty and colourful.




The student will: Create/select digital self-portraits / Appreciate digital media creation / Select preferred digital media forms when creating an avatar.



  • Identify their own photo
  • Recognise features of a self-portrait
  • Use a self-portrait to accurately create their own Mii character/avatar
  • Select their preferred image
  • Give reasons for their selection e.g. good, bad, pretty, and colourful


Extension Activities