Jackson Pollock - iPad2

Syllabus Outcomes

Early Stage 1 Outcomes (2012)

Visual Arts VAES1.2: Experiments with a range of media in selected forms.


Life Skills 7-10 Outcomes (2012)

Visual Arts LS.1: Experiences a variety of art making activities.

Visual Arts LS.5: Recognises that various interpretations of artworks are possible.

HSC Life Skills 11-12 Outcomes (2007)

Visual Arts VALS1 experiences a variety of art making activities using a range of materials, techniques and processes.



  • Recognises how qualities such as colour, thickness, length and density of lines can assist them in creating digital art.
  • Investigates different techniques in creating art including swiping, pinching etc.

  • Respond to an artwork e.g. communicate like or dislike for artwork – smile, nod, gesture, and vocalise, offer opinion in a verbal or written form. 

Game Description


Paint like the Master of contemporary art Jackson Pollock. Make abstract paintings in a second and turn the iPad to make the colour drip. This app allows students to be creative. Multiple finger touches and swipes will create new techniques each time. This application also allows you to insert a photo or picture to paint over the top of.



 Notes / Variations:


Aim: For students to participate in an open ended art activity whilst developing ICT skills including swiping, pointing, dragging, pinching etc.   



  • Using the IWB open up the Jackson Pollock website.  
  • Note this will open as a blank page for students to start creating.  
  • Demonstrate the different effects available on this site.  
  • Using turn taking techniques encourage students to have a go. Ensure that you use language to describe the effects created on the board.  
  • Save work created using the websites saving tool or use Smart Notebook screen capture.  



Allow students to create their own Pollock inspired works on the iPad.  

  • Demonstrate the activity on the iPad as a whole class. 
  • Each student is given an iPad. Assistance may be required to locate the app.  
  • Use verbal prompting to encourage students to use a range of techniques as explored through the whiteboard. Where possible allow students to be creative as possible.  
  • Give students free time to create their own piece of work as they develop their skills.  
  • Take screen shots of student’s work which will be saved to the ‘photos’.  



  • As a group, students to share their work. This could be done through the use of the IWB, iPad or a printed copy.
  • For students to experience creative success this lessons needs to be repeated several times over many weeks. 



You may wish to repeat the introduction level before moving to the exploration phase depending on your learners. 





You may wish to have an adult demonstrating the techniques required to create their work. 



  Extension Activities:

The student will:

  • Make marks on the IWB or iPad 
  • Attempt an artistic technique that has been demonstrated on the IWB or iPad e.g. swiping, pointing, dragging, pinching: 
    • With prompting 
    • Without prompting 
  • Use the techniques to create their own artwork:  
    • With prompting 
    • Without prompting



Create your own Jackson Pollock inspired artwork using concrete materials and their pre-made screen shots as a guide. 

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