Every Student


  • Moves body parts/limbs
  • Smiles
  • Touches and reaches
  • Makes a reflex vocalisation


Students currently working at a pre-intentional level should work toward intentional content.

  • Makes non-conventional gestures
  • Interacts with a communication partner
  • Gains attention by vocalising, using body language and/or grasping an object
  • Responds to a greeting from a familiar person
  • Vocalises in response 
  • Makes conventional gestures
  • Uses facial expression or body position in an attempt to engage a communication partner
  • Recognises photos, symbols and signs in the here and now
  • Makes intentional greeting to a familiar person
  • Makes intentional vocalisation to greet 
  • Uses body language and conventional gestures to interact with others 
  • Shows understanding of a symbol or object by using and responding to it appropriately
  • Initiates interaction/ greeting with meaning