Game Description

Bloom and Trope

Both Bloom and Trope are cause and effect musical apps which present opportunities to manipulate and create a range of sounds from a touch or a swipe of the fingers. Bloom will allow students to create sounds through simple touch. Trope however will allow you to make more complex sounds through swiping, pinching and simple touches.Music Sparkles brings a world of music to your fingertips. From piano and xylophone to electric guitar - just tap and play. Each instrument has a string of simple colours each the same as the other instruments. Music can be created with other instruments continually playing in the background or without extra sound. Students can use multiple touches to play two sounds at once.

Cake Doodle

Cake Doodle is a simple to use application which allows students to select from a number of different cakes to prepare and cook in a virtual environment. Students are required to follow step-by-step instructions in order to make and then bake the cake. Using the iPad the students will perform a range of movements to successfully shake, stir, mix and sift a number of ingredients.

Jackson Polluck by Miltos Manetas

Paint like the Master of contemporary art Jackson Pollock. Make abstract paintings in a second and turn the iPad to make the colour drip. This app allows students to be creative. Multiple finger touches and swipes will create new techniques each time. This application also allows you to insert a photo or picture to paint over the top of.

Vola Friends

An activity that encourages students to recognize and expression a range of emotions. A grid of nine different faces appears on the screen, each with one of five exaggerated facial expressions happy, sad, angry, surprised, and scared. When a student touches any one of the faces, it fills the screen and the person “makes the face”. If you turn the sound on, you hear the person say the emotion associated with the face, to great dramatic effect.


Simple to use features, the camera App on the iPad allows students to take photos or videos of a range of objects or places in a range of situations.

The camera allows you to zoom in or out for better accuracy. Using the camera on the iPad gives students a large screen to look at whilst focusing in on an object of person. This is especially suitable for students with vision impairments. Play School Art Maker provides opportunity for students to set a scene, insert characters, voices as well as animations to create a digital story. Take the time to explore the app to assess the appropriateness for your students. It is targeted at students in the Junior years of schooling. Provides more simple step by step options to create a scene and/or a narrative.


BeCreative allows you to create a picture and a scene using a range of objects within each catagory. Catagories include, food, kitchen, tools and shapes. Students are able to select from a range of backgrounds before they begin create a piece of art. Students are able to save and return to their creation at a later time.


Proloquo2go is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solution for people who have difficulty speaking or for those who are completely non-verbal. Proloquo2go can be adapted to suit a wide range of learners with varying literacy levels. Speech is generated by tapping the buttons displaying symbols, or by using the on-screen keyboard with word prediction.