Game Description

Start the Party

Start the Party is an animated and augmented virtual reality game where students and their surroundings are displayed within the game’s colourful user interface, making them the centre of attention.  Students use the PlayStation Move motion controller to twist, cut, swat, paint, pop, and jab their way through a series of fast-paced and interactive challenges. Start the Party supports both single player and pass-and-play multiplayer. Video and audio can also be recorded to further enhance each student’s character.


Why Start the Party?

This teaching document focuses all learning content on the one game allowing students the opportunity to practise and refine a key set of skills which can be used later across a range of other titles. ‘Start the Party’ showcases the numerous features of the PlayStation Move and acts as a good starting point to assess the potential and suitability of the console as a teaching tool. ‘Start the Party’ was initially designed as the lead title for the PlayStation Move and is available at a relative low cost compared to other software titles available.


Note: ‘Start the Party’ has been succeeded by ‘Start the Party: Save the World’ and both are available from stores such as ‘JBHIFI’ and ‘EBGames’ for under $30 each. 

‘Start the Party’ may become tiresome for your students. After repeated use it is recommended you look into purchasing  additional software titles Games’ for under $30 each