Cake Doodle - iPad2


Classroom iPad kit (8 iPads, iPad/VGA Connector, VGA extension lead)
Ingredients for the cake chosen such as: flour, butter and milk
Mixing bowl


Syllabus Outcomes

Early Stage 1 Outcomes (2012)

UTS1.9: Selects and uses a range of equipment, computer-based technology, materials and other resources to undertake an investigation or design task.

Life Skills 7-10 Outcomes (2012)

Food Technology LS 5.1: Participates in making food items.

Food Technology LS 5.2: Uses appropriate equipment and techniques in making a variety of food items.

HSC Life Skills 11-12 Outcomes (2007)

Food Technology FTLS3 demonstrates awareness that technology can be used for a variety of purposes in a food design process

Food Technology FTLS5 Demonstrates skills and techniques in the context of a food project.


  • Participates in steps needed to complete a real cooking task.
  • Identifies common ingredients used to make the cake. 
  • Participates in steps needed to complete a cooking task using the iPad.
  • Recognises cooking utensils needed for particular processes in cooking e.g. a spoon is used for stirring.


Game Description


Cake Doodle is a simple to use application which allows students to select from a number of different cakes to prepare and cook in a virtual environment. Students are required to follow step-by-step instructions in order to make and then bake the cake. Using the iPad the students will perform a range of movements to successfully shake, stir, mix and sift a number of ingredients.



 Notes / Variations:



For students to follow simple step by step procedures following a cake recipe presented to them. 



  • Chose a cake from the application prior to the lesson so that ingredients can be prepared. 
  • A table large enough to conduct a cooking lesson needs to be placed in front of the interactive whiteboard. 
  • Students will need to sit in a group in around the table in a horse shoe where the teacher will be directing the lesson. 
  • Using the VGA connectors the teacher will need to attach their iPad to the Whiteboard so students are able to view the demonstration. 
  • Each student will have access to an iPad that has been set up to contain the Cake doodle application. 
  • The table needs to be prepared with a bowl and other utensils. The ingredients for the recipe need to be ready to use. 



  • Give students opportunity to look, touch, taste and smell all the ingredients that will be used throughout the lesson. 
  • Ask students to identify utensils. 



  • Ask students to select the chosen cake. Demonstrate this on the Teachers demonstration iPad (connected to the interactive whiteboard). 
  • Begin to follow the steps given on the recipe one at a time. 
  • Chose a student to place the real ingredient into the bowl. Once this has been done the other students will also complete this step on their iPad. 
  • Choose a different student each time to complete the concrete task as the others continue to follow the recipe on the iPad. 
  • Continue these steps until the cake needs to go into the oven. 
  • As the cake is being cooked students can freely decorate their cakes following the prompts on their iPad.



  • Recount the lesson using methods that are appropriate to the needs and ability levels of the students in your class. Examples include:
  • Selecting the correct ingredients that have been used. 
  • Using visuals to place the ingredients or steps in order.


Prior to the lesson you may wish to use Proloquo2go to allow a student the opportunity to select a cake they would like to make.












Before undertaking the concrete cooking task, teachers may want to only start with the iPad and slowing introduce ingredients one at a time.



Students can also decorate their cake by following the teacher’s demonstration iPad


  Extension Activities:


The student will:

  • Follow the simple step by step instructions of a recipe 
    • With prompting 
    • Without prompting 
  • Selects the correct utensil to complete a given task. 
  • Operates cooking appliances appropriately when asked. 
  • Accurately responds to touch instructions to complete a task on the iPad: 
    • Touch 
    • Circular motion using a finger 
    • Pinching 
    • Shake 
    • Tilt



Have students answer questions about the cake through the use of Proloquo2go. These questions may include:

  • What colour was the cake?
  • Did you like the cake?


What has been your favourite recipe so far?

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