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C2 - Listening & Responding - Pre-Intentional

Syllabus Outcomes and Content
Syllabus Outcomes

Early Stage 1 Outcomes (2012)

ENe-1A A student communicates with peers and known adults in informal and guided activities demonstrating emerging skills of group interaction

ENe-2A A student composes simple texts to convey an idea or message

ENe-6B A student recognises that there are different kinds of spoken texts with specific language features and shows an emerging awareness of some purposes for spoken language

ENe-12E A student demonstrates awareness of how to reflect on aspects of their own and others’ learning


Life Skills 7-10 Outcomes (2012)

ENLS-1A A student listens and responds in familiar contexts

ENLS-2A A student communicates for a variety of purposes, audiences and contexts

ENLS-4A A student views and responds to a range of visual texts, media and multimedia

ENLS-5A A student recognises and uses visual texts, media and multimedia for a variety of purposes, audiences and contexts

ENLS-6A A student reads and responds to a range of written texts in familiar contexts

ENLS-14D A student explores how the use of language affects personal roles and relationships with others


HSC Life Skills 11-12 Outcomes (2007)

LS3.2 Listens and responds to verbal messages and associated visual cues.

LS3.3 Listens to and follows directions and announcements in a variety of contexts and media.

LS3.4 Listens to and responds appropriately to a variety of presentations in a variety of media.



Syllabus Content

Early Stage 1 (ENe) Content 


-carry out instructions involving one step 1A

-listen to and respond orally to texts and to the communication of others in informal and 
structured classroom situations 1A

-respond to simple questions either verbally or non-verbally  1A

-understand how to communicate effectively in pairs and groups using agreed interpersonal 
conventions, active listening, appropriate language and taking turns 1A

-use interaction skills including listening while others speak, using appropriate voice levels, 
articulation and body language, gestures and eye contact 1A

-recognise different methods of communication 2A

-recognise and interpret a simple instruction from teachers and peers 6B

-discuss what it means to be an active listener 12E





Life Skills (ENLS) Content 


-respond to verbal cues 1A

-respond to single-word commands 1A

-respond to commands involving a single step1A

-respond to commands involving more than one step 1A

-recognise a variety of auditory cues occurring in the -environment 1A

-recognise non-verbal indicators associated with listening 1A

-recognise and demonstrate appropriate listening behaviours 1A

-respond to auditory cues through body language 1A

 -respond to questions during an interaction to indicate understanding 2A

-respond to familiar auditory cues and signals 5A

-recognise and interpret single words or simple instructions in context 6A

-recognise that gestures and eye contact may be interpreted differently across cultures 14D



HSC Life Skills (LS) Content 


-respond to verbal requests accompanied by gestures or signs in a range of situations 3.2

-assess the body language and facial expression of a speaker while listening to their verbal message and make appropriate responses 3.2

 - respond to simple directions from a variety of people across a range of settings 3.3

-follow complex directions requiring multiple steps 3.3

-follow directions for new procedures in a range of situations 3.3

-interpret public announcements in a range of situations and take appropriate action 3.3

-listen and demonstrate acceptable behaviour in small and large groups 3.4

-listen to a variety of presentations in the community 3.4

-listen while others are talking in a variety of situations 3.4

-listen to a speaker and wait for an appropriate opportunity to respond 3.5


English Learning Continuum Content


Vocalises Looks
Startle response Makes unintentional facial expressions Reacts using facial expressions

Students currently working at a pre-intentional level should work toward intentional content.

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