Be Creative - iPad2


Classroom iPad kit (8 iPads, iPad/VGA Connector, VGA extension lead)
Scrap art materials such as buttons, cotton balls, bottle tops, cardboard, paddle pop sticks etc.


Syllabus Outcomes

Early Stage 1 Outcomes (2012)


PAES1.1 Recognises, describes, creates and continues repeating patterns and number patterns that increase or decrease.


Life Skills 7-10 Outcomes (2012)


PALS.1 Recognises repeating patterns.

SGLS.4 Responds to the language of position.

HSC Life Skills 11-12 Outcomes (2007)


4.1 Discriminates, matches, sorts, copies and creates patterns and designs.

4.2 Demonstrates an understanding of position


  • Identify a repeating pattern.
  • Copy a pattern involving familiar objects.

  • Use a repeating pattern within a picture using:
    • Familiar / unfamiliar objects
    • Shapes
  • Complete a pattern involving familiar objects.


Game Description


BeCreative allows you to create a picture and a scene using a range of objects within each catagory. Catagories include, food, kitchen, tools and shapes. Students are able to select from a range of backgrounds before they begin create a piece of art. Students are able to save and return to their creation at a later time.



 Notes / Variations:


For students create a picture or scene using a repeating pattern



  • Create your own simple pictures using the app and take a screen capture (press thehomeandstand bybutton simultaneously) of this picture in order for your students to later recreate.
  • Prepare VGA connectors ready to display iPad on the whiteboard. NOTE: this will not be used until the exploration phase of the lesson.
  • Prepare a range of scrap art materials into containers to use in groups.
  • For the introduction have the “picture making with shapes” interactive lesson set up using the whiteboard.



  • Students will sit in front of the interactive whiteboard.
  • Open the website
  • Ask students to construct an image using the shapes provided one at a time.
  • Discuss techniques such as turning and spinning the items around in order to complete the picture.



  • Students will sit in front of the interactive whiteboard as the teacher demonstrates how the application BeCreative is used.
  • Whilst demonstrating teacher will discuss and point out the multiple themes that can be selected to create a picture e.g. food, tools and cooking utensils.
  • A student will be asked to select a scene and the objects will be discussed and labelled as they are selected.
  • As a class create a chosen picture using the teacher’s demonstration iPad.
  • Now split the students up into two groups.
    • Each student is given an iPad and an already prepared picture card.
    • Students will be asked to create the image on the card using the BeCreativeapplication.
    • Each student will be given a set of objects, materials and a picture card to recreate the image given.
  • Groups will swap over when they have completed the task.



  • Students will then be given time to create their own work on the iPad and, or using the concrete materials.
  • Each student will have an opportunity to present their work to the class.
  • Encourage students using the iPad to take a screen capture of their work.




Create the same picture using different objects









Using objects, large or small, in the classroom create a group art work. E.g. a face using a key board, water bottle, iPad and pencils.









Pictures cards may vary in difficulty depending on the ability levels of your students. i.e. The less objects the more simple the picture.


  Extension Activities:

The student will:

  • Copy a simple pattern using only two objects or colours
  • Continue a simple pattern by placing the next object in the sequence
  • Use a pattern to create part of a picture e.g. paddle pop stick, cotton stick (repeated) to create a fence
  • Attempt to create a given picture using the iPad application BeCreative.
    • With prompting
    • Without prompting
  • Attempt to create a given picture using the same concrete items
    • With prompting
    • Without prompting
  • Attempt to create part of a picture using patterns.
    • On the iPad
    • Using concrete items

Students to recreate a given object (this could be related to your current unit of work) using recycled materials.

For example making a robot out of a cereal box.

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