Art Maker - iPad2


Classroom iPad kit (8 iPads, iPad/VGA Connector, VGA extension lead)
Laminated A3 Scenes
Laminated characters and objects for each scene


Syllabus Outcomes

Early Stage 1 Outcomes (2012)

English WES1.9: Engages in writing texts with the intention of conveying an idea or message.

English TS2.2: Interacts effectively in groups and pairs, adopting a range of roles, uses a variety of media and uses various listening strategies for different situations.

Life Skills 7-10 Outcomes (2012)

Drama LS1.2: Explores a variety of play building activities.

English LS.15: Draws on background and experiences to respond to texts in ways that are imaginative, interpretive or critical

HSC Life Skills 11-12 Outcomes (2007)

Drama DRLS2: Participates in drama experiences through improvisation, play building and acting to communicate ideas and feelings



  • Experiments with and practises ways of representing ideas and information using a selection of pictures. 
  • Using vocalisations to role play a character in a story that is created on the iPad.
  • Play improvisation games using the iPad to create a scene and, or dialogue.

Game Description


Play School Art Maker provides opportunity for students to set a scene, insert characters, voices as well as animations to create a digital story. Take the time to explore the app to assess the appropriateness for your students. It is targeted at students in the Junior years of schooling. Provides more simple step by step options to create a scene and/or a narrative.



 Notes / Variations:



For students to create their own narrative using the iPad and the application Play School Art Maker.



Set up the teacher’s iPad using the VGA connector.

Each student to have an iPad ready.



  • Students will each have an iPad as they sit in a group. Ensure each student is able to view the teacher’s iPad on the IWB. This iPad will demonstrate the steps required to complete the task.
  • Ask students if they can locate the beach scene.
  • Select the beach scene and give students time to do the same on their iPad.
  • Discuss the options given in the choice bar located at the top of the screen. What features of the characters relate to the scene?
  • Ask student to find the crab. Demonstrate where to find the crab and how to insert it on the scene.
  • Ask students to drag the crab to the sand on the left-hand side of the screen. If students select the wrong item they can drag it into the bin.
  • Have students locate the beach umbrella in the choice bar. Ask students to drag the umbrella to the sand on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Demonstrate to class how to record an animation (To record an animation press the video recorder. From here you can move images around the scene. You can also add voice and sound effects). On your iPad enter record mode and drag the crab towards the umbrella
  • Have each student locate the video recorder icon and complete the animation given above.
  • Give students time to create and playback their animations.



  • Ensuring teacher supervision, divide the students up into small working groups. 
  • Guided and supported by the teacher, the group will create their own scenes and animations. 
  • Concrete images of the scene, objects and characters have been created to support the making of the scene on the iPad. Each group will receive a selection of scenes (6 in total) and their corresponding images. Have a student select a scene to create.  
  • As a group create the chosen scene using the concrete images as a model. As a new object or character is added to the scene give students the time to replicate on their iPad. 
  • Students will work as a team to create a finished product. 



Each group will present their finished products to the rest of the class.










Throughout parts of the introduction ask students to put away their iPads so they are able to participate in discussion.





Extension: Students can create the same scenes on the IWB using Smart Notebook. This is useful if you wish to continue the lesson without the need of the class iPads. 


Extension: Students can create their own movie independently using photos that have been taken for their scene.



  Extension Activities:


The student will:

  • Follow simple one step direction on the iPad 
  • Make a scene selection 
    • With prompting 
    • Without prompting 
  • Make a character selection 
    • With prompting 
    • Without prompting 
  • Work as a group in developing a narrative 
  • Move a selected character around the screen.
  • Animate more than one object on the screen.



You can use the App ‘Toontastic’ to build on those storytelling and creative learning skills the students have acquired during the Art Maker lesson. If Art Maker isn’t age appropriate for your learners you may choose to start with ‘Toontastic’. ‘Toontastic’ enables kids to draw and animate their own cartoons just like an interactive puppet show. To create a scene students simply move their characters onscreen. You can assist students make their own sound effects and voice overs for their chosen characters.    


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