About the X-Box Kinect

The Xbox Kinect, like the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Move, is a motion-sensing gaming system. It allows students the opportunity to interact and engage with meaningful gaming content. The Kinect is different as there are no controllers. Controller-free gaming means your body controls the action. This results in a far more immersive gaming experience. With every jump, kick and step you’ll be moving your body which means it is not only fun, it is also beneficial to the body. As the Kinect is controller-free the gaming content is widely accessible. This is particularly beneficial for students who may have difficulty operating a standard gaming controller.

Along with the Xbox console is the Kinect Sensor. The sensor has a built in camera which picks up movement. The sensor is designed to be placed lengthways above or below a TV or Interactive Whiteboard (IWB). The sensor is capable of tracking up to six people, including two active players. In order for players to participate, the current Kinect sensor requires them to be in a standing position. Unfortunately, this means that the sensor has difficulty tracking those students who are in wheelchairs.