About the Playstation Move

The PlayStation Move is a motion-sensing gaming system. It allows students the opportunity to interact and engage with meaningful gaming content. Due to the simplistic design of the controller, the gaming content is widely accessible. This is particularly beneficial for students who may have difficulty operating a standard gaming controller. Along with the PlayStation console the Move comprises two key components:



The PlayStation Move Motion Controller is easy to use. Many games do not require complex controller manipulation in order to participate; at times only requiring the use of the back or the front button on the controller. Students can use the controller in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye Camera for a genuine augmented reality experience as they control their actions with their voice as well as their body. To pause the game press the star button located on the motion controller.


The PlayStation Move is sold as a bundle called the ‘PlayStation Move Starter Kit’. Unless a store is selling the PlayStation 3 console with the starter kit included, both the console and kit will generally need to be purchased separately. The bundle is available from all leading department stores and specialist gaming shops. The kit includes: