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Natural Enviroment - Syllabus Outcome
Syllabus Outcomes
Syllabus Outcome: Ste-8NE Identifies the basic needs of living things.

Syllabus Indicator 2: Identify the needs of a variety of living things in a range of situations, eg pets at home, plants in the garden or plants and animals in bush land and/or on farms.

Framework Indicators

8NE2A: Observe a variety of living things in a range of situations

Teacher Language

Give an instruction

No specific teacher language

Students will be able to meet this outcome with varying levels of support. Fade this support as the student works toward developing independence. 

Teaching Activities 

8NE2A:  Observe a variety of living things in a range of situations

The aim of this activity is to provide students with opportunities to observe living things in a range of different environments. This could be done through the use a range of different videos of living things in different environments. These could include a dog drinking from a bowl and wild dog drinking from a lake, a giraffe eating from someone’s hand at the zoo and a giraffe eating the trees in the wild, someone watering a garden with a hose and the rain falling in the bush. Teachers would make observational statements to draw student’s attention to what they are observing. 

Websites that contain resources, games or activities that could be used to support this goal include:

This is my body- Anatomy for kids
BioMio My First Biology App
Grow your garden HD