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Natural Enviroment - Syllabus Outcome
Syllabus Outcomes
Syllabus Outcome: Ste-7NE Observes, using their senses, how daily and seasonal changes in the environment affect them and other living things.

Syllabus Indicator 2.3: Identify how plants and animals respond to changes in the environment eg trees losing their leaves and the thickness of animals fur.

Framework Indicators

7NE2.3A: Responds to visual/audio representations of changes in the environment 

Teacher Language

Give an instruction

SN, this is a (specific animal).

It is an animal.

Look at/feel this animal

SN, feel this animal.

It feels like a (specific animal).

SN, can you show me the animal?


This is the animal.

Try again.

Students will be able to meet this outcome with varying levels of support. Fade this support as the student works toward developing independence. 

There are a variety of acceptable ways a student can respond. These include; head/physical movements (e.g. nodding, pointing and reaching), facial expression, eye gaze, vocalisations and/or verbal responses. 

Teaching Activities 

7NE2.3A: Responds to visual/audio representations of changes in the environment

As well as the teaching activities listed below teachers should be aware that students may be able to demonstrate ability to meet these indicators through incidental experiences. This could include drawing students’ attention to the changes to the environment and stating what is happening. These changes could include thunder, rain, wind and drought. 

This activity is designed to expose students to the changes in the environment and provide opportunities for students to respond. Teachers would present a visual/audio representation of changes that may occur in the environment. These may be of a thunder storm, rain, wind, fire or hail. Teachers would then state ‘SN, you are looking at/watching a storm. You are listening to the thunder’. 


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