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Natural Enviroment - Syllabus Outcome
Syllabus Outcomes
Syllabus Outcome: Ste-6NE Identifies that the way objects move depends on a variety of factors.

Syllabus Indicator 2: Identify that the way an object moves depends on its size and shape eg tennis balls and block.

Framework Indicators

6NE2A: Engages with objects that can be moved by touch

Teacher Language

Give an instruction.

SN, look the (object) is moving, it can move.

SN, move the (object), you are moving (object).

Students will be able to meet this outcome with varying levels of support. Fade this support as the student works toward developing independence. 

Teaching Activities 

6NE2A: Engages with objects that can be moved by touch

Through the use of repetitive language and explicit or incidental teaching opportunities we are teaching that objects can be moved through touch. This can be achieved by using any moveable objects such as a ball, a spinning toy, a drink bottle or a book. The teacher would place an object in student’s view, move the object and make appropriate observational statements.

‘SN, look the ball is moving, it can move’.

‘SN, move the drink bottle, you are moving the drink bottle’ 

Websites that contain resources, games or activities that could be used to support this goal include:

Labyrinth Lite Edition
10 pin shuffle