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Working Technologically - Syllabus Outcome
Syllabus Outcomes
Syllabus Outcome: Ste-5WT Uses a simple design process to produce solutions with identified purposes.

Students evaluate by:

Syllabus Indicator 8: Discussing their likes and dislikes in relation to what they have produced.

Framework Indicators

5WT8A: Indicates likes and dislikes in relation to what they have produced

Teacher Language

Give an instruction

No specific teacher language

Students will be able to meet this outcome with varying levels of support. Fade this support as the student works toward developing independence.


There are a variety of acceptable ways a student can indicate likes or dislikes. These may include; head/physical movements (e.g. nodding, pointing and reaching for indicating like or pushing away and throwing for dislike ), facial expression, tracking, vocalisations and/or verbal responses. 

Teaching Activities 

5WT8A: Indicates likes and dislikes in relation to what they have produced

In this activity teachers need to use their professional judgement and knowledge of their students in order to ensure that products produce by students are ones that give students opportunities to indicate likes and dislikes. For example cooking and eating a pizza, making and playing with play dough or other sensory materials.

In the instance of producing sensory materials such as slime, students would have the opportunity to indicate likes and dislikes throughout the process of producing the product as well as when the product is completed. Whilst making slime students may show that they like/dislike the bubbles that occur when hot water is added to lux flakes. Similarly they may also indicate a like/dislike for the smell at the time.

Once the slime is made and students have had opportunities to interact and engage with the product, teachers should use their professional judgement to interpret student responses around like and dislike.  Observational teacher language would be used to reinforce what the student was indicating about the product they have produced.

‘SN, you like the feel of the slime.’ 

Websites that contain resources, games or activities that could be used to support this goal include: 

Build a farm- MokoFarm Lite